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Complete and integrated services

We help companies in Mediterranean countries, investors, public agencies and provide them smart and innovative solutions regarding their environmental issues. We help them to define sustainable strategies and create partnerships with innovative companies from the North, providing them solutions adaptable to their local environment.

We also assist northern businesses (SMBs, Large group) to expand in the Euro-Mediterranean space through their proven innovative expertise.

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Energy & CO2

Energy and CO2 Management

Energy is a strategic sector to build a future of peace and prosperity in the Mediterranean. The integration of renewable energy sources (solar, wind ...) represents a major opportunity for developing countries because of their abundance.

Project development for Renewable Energy companies (Solar, Wind power,...). We identify potential projects, evaluate their feasibility and identify risks.

Technology transfer of Innovative technologies.

Consultancy and expertise to identify waste products energy valorization potential (industrial, agricultural and municipal wastes).

CMD projects. We help investors to identify, secure potential investment, elaborate Project Design Documents (PDDs) and manage projects.


Pollution Management

The pollution of the Mediterranean is a common threat to all countries of the region. Innovative remediation methods could be a solution to reduce risks and manage environmental or health impacts.

Green remediation technologies, Identifying technological partners to treat and secure pollution.

Technology transfer for Innovative companies.

Project management onsite.

Wastes & Water

Wastes & Water Management

Water is source of life and conflict. The management of water resources in the Mediterranean is a key issue for development. The major challenges around which meet both North and South countries of the Mediterranean on this issue are climatic change and the management of natural resources.

Project development for local authorities and municipalities. We help them to define the main lines of the water strategy, identify potential partners and manage their relation with governmental and international organizations.

Feasibility and Strategical studies for Innovative companies. We help them in their business development, strategical preliminary studies and project management.

Consultancy and Expertise (Water and sanitation, industrial Treatment plants, innovative remediation).

Training for local authorities and industrial companies.

Green cities

Green cities

Urbanisation with growing populations in European and Mediterranean cities is addressing multiple challenges with social, economical and environmental issues. Sustainable development principles allow us to manage this complexity with an integrated approach.

IES - EMEA provides expertise on key levers for the success of projects in our area of expertise. Specific partnerships have been developed to provide an integrated offer on economical, social and technical issues.

Strategic plan for Eco-cities projects. We help local authorities and municipalities to evaluate their project potentials and needs. We elaborate with them a management tool, defining specific indicators.

Multi-level analysis of technological needs (Environment, Energy, Waste, Water, ..).