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From the moment you become a customer, our priority is helping you to achieve your goals and maximizing your investment in our solutions. Our services are designed to meet your needs over the lifetime of your relationship with IES EMEA.

We provide services for the success of your projects through the implementation of specifically designed tools subject to a continual improvement. Our solutions are integrated in a rigorous action, improvement and management plan.

This plan will analyze a set of risks and opportunities (industrial, environmental, regulatory, managerial, strategic ...) to identify areas of performance and associated cost savings to reach our objectives.

We provide comprehensive, practical and adaptable solutions, manage your relationship with stakeholders and intervene in negotiations.

Our Methodology

Innovation and technology transfer
Integrating knowledge and providing green innovative technologies and solutions for municipal, industrial and agricultural waste and water treatment.

Industrial plants
Integrating sustainable innovative industrial processes (decreasing solid and fluid wastes using green innovative water treatment stations, water and soil pollution management using phytomanagement, strategy to develop alternative energy resources).

Renewable Energy
Clean Development Mechanism methods to initiate Carbon financing processes, select efficient waste products for energy production, innovation and strategy to decrease Green House Gas emissions & impact and produce renewable energy.

Developing a strategic plan to identify best practices for waste management, energy efficiency, water and air pollution.

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